Safe Nutritious Food for All 

Safe Food Connexions is a niche freelance consultancy based in Australia that provides technical advice and insights from experience 'working on the ground' to public and private sectors aiming to enhance food safety and nutritional outcomes for people in developing countries of Asia.  

Our Core Values: listening to the voices of (local) people, showing respect, building trust among key actors/partners, integrity, commitment and delivering results.

Guided by practical, evidence based 'preventive approaches' to build capacity in food safety and nutrition security at local grassroots, household, village, community and national levels. Passionate about working together to find effective ways for sustainable action to empower poor disadvantaged women, children and families.          

Multi-sector partnership development and Social Behaviour Change Communications are among key areas of expertise in Safe Food Connexions.  


"Safe, nutritious, affordable food should be readily accessible year round, to all people and individual household family members to ensure good health, well-being and food security".   

Like to know more about working with Safe Food Connexions, please contact:

Frances Ann Warnock, Principal Consultant 
BSc (Hons) Food Technology (UNSW); Grad.Dip.Nut & Diet (Flinders University); PostGrad.Dip.Further Education (SA University); Diploma Project Management (UNE)